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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request IT Support?

  • Email Use a descriptive subject that relays the issue and its urgency. In the body provide as much information as you can, a screenshot is always a plus.
  • If email is unavailable, call 315-478-8172. Much like the email method, provide as much information as possible so we can route the issue to the appropriate expert team.
  • Call your account rep, again – with as much detail as possible.

I only want to pay when I need you. Why would I pay a monthly fee?

We are a proactive IT provider, meaning we address issues before they become actual problems, whenever possible.

Kishmish’s mission is to move away from the “break-fix I.T.” practices businesses might be used to.  Our service programs attempt to address common pain points, like “they come when they want and always have to come back to fix the same issue,” “I never know when I can get a tech to help me,” and “the clock starts running right when we call, which makes it impossible to budget IT costs.”

We want to foster open communication, remove the headaches, and become a part of your team – not just another contractor.

Why do I need full disc recovery?

Full Disc Recovery (DR) is needed when uptime is absolutely crucial. How long can you be without your on site systems? If the answer is in minutes, or hours instead of days, you need full DR. Full DR will create an image of your operating servers and provide you the capability of turning up that server locally in the case of a hardware failure. This will provide you with the full operation of the downed server. The performance may not be as responsive as the original server, but you will be operational until new hardware is procured.

How do we transition from our current IT to Kishmish IT?

There is always some risk when changing providers, but if you are asking the question, you know it’s time for a change.

If your existing provider is a professional, we shouldn’t be too concerned about “sabotage” or foul play. As we take you through our onboarding process, we will be overly cautious to protect you and your organization to the best of our ability; even from the preceding provider, if need be. 

As we make the transition we are always available to answer questions or alleviate concerns through out normal channels – and 315-478-8172.

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Urgent Support
Urgent Support
If you have a critical system failure or can't receive emails, call us:

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Submit a Ticket
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