Why Your Business Needs A (Quality) Website

If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re behind the times. Having one is practically a necessity – it’s often the first interaction the public has with your company. It’s your digital foundation; your home base. Without it, you’ll have a lot of trouble accomplishing anything online.

I’ll be blunt. If you want your business to succeed, you should have a good website. No matter what your industry, you will benefit from having information on your business available online 24/7.

And I’ll tell you why:

1) They Add Credibility to Your Brand.

Websites foster a sense of credibility for your business. Showing up at the top of Google searches just resonates authority. Plus, if you’ve taken the time to provide a positive, valuable experience to your audience online, they’ll remember that when it comes time to buy.

2) They Empower You to Communicate Better.

If you have your own website, you’re in control. You don’t have to fit your message into anybody else’s narrative. You won’t be limited by Facebook’s laundry list of rules, or by Google’s upload size. You get to deliver your message in its truest form across a medium accessed by billions of people, every single day.

3) They’re Manageable and Inexpensive.

Once it’s built, a website is easy to maintain. The static parts of the site don’t change and continue to passively provide value to visitors. The dynamic parts of the site are just another tool you can use to inform, persuade, and sell your newest ideas and products. And the best part – websites are available to everyone, 24/7.

4) They Actively Help Cut Costs.

Websites don’t always have to serve a marketing purpose. Intranets can help your employees to get more done by providing a central axis for communication and collaboration. Web-Based Software can automate repetitious tasks to cut costs and labor hours. These things literally pay for themselves.

It’s important to recognize something, though, and I don’t want to mince words: There are a million wrong ways to build a website. 

There is no shortage of crappy websites built by cheap-O web design chop-shops, or business owners using Do-It-Yourself website builders like Weebly or Squarespace. 

Those types of solutions do exist out there. You can get a cheap website built by some company in India in like, a week. You can spend countless hours learning a DIY website builder and launch your own website all by yourself.

But it’s going to be bad. And it won’t be bad because your business is bad, or your product is bad.

It’ll be bad because your expertise is in your industry and your products, not how to make an effective website. You just don’t know, and that’s okay because you know your product inside and out.

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